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Demolishing patriarchal stereotypes and finding foothold in the job market

HUMSAFAR’s skill development and livelihood programme emerged out of an observation that a VAW survivor delays the decision to come out of an abusive relationship due to her being ill-equipped to rebuild her life. In many cases survivors decide to withdraw their case and return to face violence in abusive relationships due to their precarious financial situation. It is in...
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Ab to Jago This campaign is held from November 15 to December 10 every year coinciding with the UN’s 16 days of Activism against gender based violence. Focusing on the effective implementation of Protection of Women against Domestic Violence (PWDV) Act 2005 this campaign is held in collaboration with partner organizations across the state. Every year innovative activities are undertaken...
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Working with violence survivor (case work)

HUMSAFAR is guided by an innovative multi-faceted approach to change societal patterns of violence in the family through direct case support. HUMSAFAR’s case work unit  has been providing a wide range of support services, including paralegal, legal, medical, social mediation, counseling, rescue, shelter and rehabilitation to over 6881 women survivors (as of March 31, 2015). For women in Uttar Pradesh...
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Friends of HUMSAFAR

In keeping with the philosophy of re-integrating violence survivors into society and creating a support group, HUMSAFAR has been facilitating a civil society group called ‘Friends of HUMSAFAR’ or Mitra Mandali which includes a wide range of professionals who volunteer services, time and resources. Currently, this group consists of many lawyers, doctors, businessmen, media persons, teachers and other professionals. Mitra Mandali proactively...
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Motivating youth to challenge VAW

To address violence as a social phenomenon HUMSAFAR works with youth in educational institutions and communities. Through a variety of interventions youth are mobilized to create an enabling environment for gender equality and equity and against all forms of gender-based discrimination and violence. By effectively building contacts with the school administration and teachers HUMSAFAR’s Youth Mobilizer has been able to...
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Engaging communities to challenge VAW

HUMSAFAR strongly believes that a survivors’ fight to access justice requires wider community support at various stages – to break the conspiracy of silence around violence, access services, wage a long legal battle, rehabilitate herself and her children emotionally and financially and reintegrate in society as an aware citizen well-aware of her rights and responsibilities. HUMSAFAR is guided by an...
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