Motivating youth to challenge VAW


Through platforms like ‘Yuva Tarang’, ‘Yuvati Manch,’ and ‘Queer Manch’, HUMSAFAR fosters development of youth, promoting a nuanced understanding of social diversity and discrimination through various hands-on activities and training programs. Working with youth consists of joint open discussions with youth and their parents to break the gap between the generations and encourage conversation in between. This aims that families change the misogynist and discriminatory way of upbringing and support youth to realize their dreams and choices and do not force early marriage.

We work on the overall development of youth as a democratic rational citizen by enshrining the constitutional and progressive ideas so that they can celebrate diversity and challenge discrimination and the culture of hatred and violence in them through various activities and trainings.

Through HUMSAFAR’s active youth program emerged the need to address the discrimination and violence faced by the queer community. By creating a safe space for queer youth, HUMSAFAR supports them in addressing challenges they face due to their sexual identity. Along with the fact that HUMSAFAR has succeeded in creating this safe space within the most deprived and lower income groups, where queer and non-binary identities are usually invisible and discriminated Specially the Hijra community which is seen as symbol of mockery and are stigmatized, and beep deprived from all the basic human rights. We didn’t take is just as an issue of sexual orientation but addressed the cast and class issues which increases the oppression and stigma within the queer individuals. Our combined work with straight and queer has helped in creating social advocacy for queer rights. We are taking sure steps towards acceptance by women and youth from heterosexual identity.